Another world, another time, in the age of wonder. . .

A thousand years ago this land was green and good, until the Crystal cracked.  But a single piece was lost; a shard of the Crystal.  Then strife began and two new races appeared: The cruel Skeksis, the gentle Mystics.
  Here in the castle of the Crystal the Skeksis took control.

Now the Skeksis gather in their sacred chamber where the crystal hangs above a shaft of air and fire.
The Skeksis, with their hard and twisted bodies, their harsh and twisted wills.  For a thousand years they have ruled yet now there are only ten; a dying race ruled by a dying emperor, imprisoned within themselves in a dying land.  Today once more they gather at the Crystal as the first sun climbs to its peak.  For this is the way of the Skeksis.  As they ravage the land so do they learn to draw new life from the sun.  Today once more they will replenish themselves-cheat death again- through the power of their source, their treasure, their fate. . .

But today the ceremony of the sun gives no comfort.  Today an emperor lies dying.  Today a new emperor must seize the throne.

  A thousand years ago the Crystal cracked.  And here, far from the castle the race of Mystics came to live in a dream of peace. Their ways were the gentle ways of natural wizards.  Yet now there are only ten.  A  dying race, numbly rehearsing the ancient ways in a blur of forgetfulness.

  But today, the ritual gives no comfort; today, the wisest of the Mystics lies dying.  Today, they summon the one who must save them.

 In the valley of the Mystics, there lives a Gelfling, Jen.   The Skeksis killed his family, destroyed his clan.  Only Jen survived to be raised by the wisest of the Mystics.  But, there is a prophecy. 
A thousand years have passed and now once more the world must undergo a time of testing.  Now it must be healed, or pass forever into the rule of evil.  At this time, Jen is the chosen one.  Today Jen's pipe gives no comfort; for today his master lies dying, and a journey must begin. 
 The Journey of Jen. 

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