Listians in the Labyrinth!

Here are some of your friends from the discussion list who I put in the Labyrinth! Click on the image for the full size. Enjoy!

Here are Jareth and Mystic.
Doesn't she look like the real Sarah?

 Here is our good friend Lisa! She looks great with Sara's hair!

Here is Labynymph sitting with our beloved Goblin King.
And here she is having a good time in the ballroom.
In the arms of the king.
Here's Amy( in the arms of the King as well. (Boy he gets around!)

Cristabel in the ball having a good time.!)

Moonlight Mitz standing know who.
Mitz with our hero, Hoggle.
And then of course there's me, Dream Child. I have a whole page of them for me! You can visit that if you would like by clicking here.

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