As the eighties began, Jim Henson began to focus on an ambitious project that had been on his mind for quite some time.  He entered into an agreement with a young British illustrator, Brian Froud, in 1977.  Seeing many drawings and sculptures done by Brian convinced him that this strange fantasy world shown in the works could be brought to the screen.  Jim did not have a story in mind yet, but he began by having Brian evolve an imaginary world, therefore creating a visual entity from which the characters and story could develop.  The result of this collaboration was Jim Henson's first fantasy film, The Dark Crystal.
    The story is about two Gelflings, Kira and Jen, who must race against time to restore goodness and light to the world.  Their mission- find and replace the missing piece of the all powerful Dark Crystal before they are caught and killed by the evil Skeksis.  The Skeksis have vowed to kill all the Gelflings for the profacy states that only a Gelfling may restore the crystal.  If the crystal is not healed before the three suns of the world join together, then the evil Skeksis will rule forever.

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